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Care is but a simple act needed more on earth

to care for oneself, to care about self-worth

Care is so much needed for everyone around you

to understand and listen,  be compassionate and true

Care for our children, positively guide them along their way

encourage their goals and interests, guide them to love, learn and play

Care for all the animals  we share this planet with

they need consideration, deserve to thrive and harmoniously live

Care for our environment, keep it clean and  pollution free

get out and discover wonders, grow a garden,  plant a tree

Care for our mind and body, only nourish it with good

avoid man made chemicals so  diseases can be withstood

Care is but a simple act, contagious to those around

if we all just cared a little more

a happier, healthier, harmonious world will abound

Care = be affected emotionally, have a fondness or affection for, look after and give protection

Kaz Selbie 2000


Author: kazkoncepts

I'm a passionate and enthusiastic communications professional working with NFP organisations, community and businesses on the mid north coast of NSW. My blog is to share beneficial messages, ideas and concepts to inform and gain inspiration, ultimately for good health, happiness and harmony.

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