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The Washing Cycle Sham

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Hunting, collecting, seeking dirty clothes out

Sorting, turning the right way about

Scoop up powder, enough to dissolve

To battle stains as clothes revolve.

Tossing them in with no time to spare

Down goes the lid, next load to prepare

Looking around, feeling daunted by the sight

Surely I’ll be here all day and all night!

Sneaking in a coffee while the tub does its thing

Listening to the rattling, crashing washing machine sing

Just as I relax and feel somewhat at ease

Sounds of silence echo and linger to tease

The loudness of nothing, quietness I fear

Means time to get my butt into gear

Down goes the coffee, reality hits

Time for another load, this is giving me the pips

After four loads, now hanging out the last

Needing more pegs, room running out fast

The sun is shining, the breeze is gently blowing

I have completed part one, now I’m happily going… OUT !

Back before 3 to welcome home the clan

The clothes can wait, I’ll get them when I can

Snacks to be had and homework to be done

Time sure flies when you’re having fun

Darkness comes quickly, I’m in the middle of cooking

My clothes are outside and no one’s looking

Race out the back with baskets in hand

Now for part two of the washing cycle sham.

Folding the clothes, so I don’t have to iron

Smelling sweet, feeling soft, looking fine

Baskets inside, clothes to be sorted

Piles for kids, sees their faces distorted

“We don’t want to do this hard work”

It is then I realise and give a smirk

As I frown and look with astonished dismay

I smile, wink and walk away

Knowing it will be their job one day

Kaz Selbie 1999


Author: kazkoncepts

I'm a passionate and enthusiastic communications professional working with NFP organisations, community and businesses on the mid north coast of NSW. My blog is to share beneficial messages, ideas and concepts to inform and gain inspiration, ultimately for good health, happiness and harmony.

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