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ABC of Life

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ASK YOURSELF where do I want to go

BE YOURSELF smile and go with the flow

CARE FOR YOUR BODY inside and out

DANCE WITH LIFE make every second count

ENRICH YOUR MIND learn as much as you can

FREE YOURSELF be true don’t pretend

GUARD YOURSELF keep your head on a swivel

HONOUR YOURSELF don’t lower to the drivel

INSPIRE YOURSELF get out and explore

JOKE WITH YOURSELF laugh and play more

KNOW YOURSELF accept and value uniqueness

LEARN FOR YOURSELF challenge your strengths and weaknesses

MANAGE YOURSELF don’t control other’s heads

NURTURE YOURSELF be alive, not dead

OCCUPY YOURSELF expand and open your mind

PLAY WITH YOURSELF you are the friend to find

QUIETEN YOURSELF meditate to relax and unwind

RID YOURSELF of anger jealousy and fear

SHOW YOURSELF forgiveness express and hear

TREAT YOURSELF when you have done well

UNDERSTAND YOURSELF when riding life’s swell

VISION YOURSELF picture it you are worthy

WRITE FOR YOURSELF plan your positive journey

XERT YOURSELF be determined to achieve

YEARN FOR YOURSELF have faith and believe

ZESTFUL ENTHUSIASM is created by you

so make your dreams reality and always be true

Embrace life

Kaz Selbie July 1990


Author: kazkoncepts

I'm a passionate and enthusiastic communications professional working with NFP organisations, community and businesses on the mid north coast of NSW. My blog is to share beneficial messages, ideas and concepts to inform and gain inspiration, ultimately for good health, happiness and harmony.

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