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Kamikaze ants in toilet bowl

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Nature never ceases to amaze me and I’m stumped as to why little brown ants are diving or falling into my toilet bowl.

What I do know is I have a brown ant problem in my bathroom !┬áNot only are the ants making patterns on my bath tiles, for the last few weeks thousands of kamikaze ants have been diving or falling into my toilet. Yes I thoroughly cleaned toilet and dabbled lavender everywhere hoping this would stop the infestation, but no luck. They keep on coming and I keep on flushing. The poor little creatures are huddled together and swimming frantically. Weirdly they group in the middle of the bowl and don’t swim for the sides to escape. I feel slightly uncomfortable sitting on top of them doing what I do and it just doesn’t feel right flushing them away every day, but hey, what else can I do?? Has anyone else had this dilemma and knows why? If so I would love to hear your solution. thanks




Author: kazkoncepts

I'm a passionate and enthusiastic communications professional working with NFP organisations, community and businesses on the mid north coast of NSW. My blog is to share beneficial messages, ideas and concepts to inform and gain inspiration, ultimately for good health, happiness and harmony.

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