communications and photography


With over 20 years experience I’m a skilled and passionate photographer who loves capturing beautiful and unique moments in people’s and nature’s life.  I have a relaxed and friendly manner as I gently observe people and places.

Having a camera in my hand since a young lass I  completed a TAFE photography course but never stop learning about the captivating art of photography.

I’m a friendly and focused woman with creative ideas and a flexible, relaxed approach. This enables me to capture the true essence of YOU, your family, friends, home, garden, holiday, gathering or event. Receive a DVD with your picture files to share or get a photo slideshow with appropriate words and music.

I work with the following:

  • Individual, baby and family portraits, christenings, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings
  • Corporate and community events, markets and social gatherings
  • Greeting cards with speciality photography and personal message
  • Aspect shots of houses, units and properties. Experience with real estate
  • Events, bands and musicians for media promotion and posters
  • Various aspects of desktop publishing
  • Some film and editing experience

Contact me anytime to discuss your photography needs.

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